Respecting The India Canada Society, Hamilton

By-Law No. 1: Membership

1. Any person eighteen years of age or more interested in the aims of the Society shall be eligible for membership.

2. Memberships shall be available either on a two year-renewal basis or for the life time.

A. Two-year membership fee (either single or a family of two, husband-wife/spouse) for

Student: $30

Non-student: $40

B. Life membership

Single: $100

Family of two (husband-wife/spouse): $200

Each person of type A and B membership shall have one voting right. The membership term shall begin from April 1.

3. Membership dues in any category may be changed with the approval of the general body.

A. Any member who has paid his/her membership fee 30 days prior to the date of election for the current year shall be eligible to vote in the upcoming election.  For any other general body meeting, a member in good standing for at least 10 days prior to the date of meeting shall be eligible to vote

B. The Board of Directors shall update the list of eligible members on annual basis and present it in annual GBM for approval.

By-Law No. 2: Appointing Replacements for Vacant Board Positions

(Approved by the General Body on April 29, 2011)

In case an elected Director position in the board becomes vacant for any reason, the remaining board members can appoint a replacement with a simple majority vote.

–    The incoming Director must be a member in good standing and will serve the balance of the term.

–    This appointment must be done within two months of the board position becoming vacant.  If not, that position will remain vacant till the end of the term of the Board.

–    The incoming Director will have full voting rights in accordance with the position.

–    The incoming Director will not assume the roles of President, Vice president, Treasurer or General Secretary.

–    In a given two-year term of the board, not more than three members can be thus appointed.

–    At any given point in time, there must be at least three elected members in the board.  If not, a special general body meeting (GBM) will have to be called with at least two weeks’ notice to fill the unelected board positions for the balance of the term.  The general rules of election of office bearers will apply.