Community Engagement

With an explicit intention to contribute to the variety of Canadian life and experience, the Society has actively sought to facilitate mainstream dialogue around the rich Indian philosophy and culture.

Over the last twenty-five years for example, the Society has cooperatively hosted major national and international speakers and has helped celebrate the work and life of such pre-eminent Indian figures in arts, culture and philosophy as Gandhi, Tagore, Radhakrishnan, Vinoba Bhave, Ramanujan, Nehru, Aurobindo, Ravi Shankar, and Rukmini Devi Arundale. For this it has worked very closely with various departments at McMaster University (History, Music, Religion, Philosophy, Political Science, Women’s Study, Peace Centre etc.).

The Society continually strives to remain engaged in issues of specific interest to the Indo-Canadian community by undertaking and supporting initiatives such as creating workgroups that focus on the special needs of community women, and youths. More recently the Society is actively participating in a grassroots effort to shape provincial health policy aimed at seniors “aging at home.”

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